Sometimes you need to access your device with ssh connection, but you don’t have a static public IP on your machine, or you’re using a shared internet connection and want to give ssh access to somebody to connect to your device. What can you do? Maybe you know some ways, but I prefer to use Tor hidden service. In this small article, I will write how I do it on Archlinux.

In the first step, I install ssh, tor, and torsocks

sudo pacman -S ssh tor torsocks

In the second step, I configure tor to enable hidden service for ssh

sudo echo 'HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/ssh_hidden_service/' >> /etc/tor/torrc
sudo echo 'HiddenServicePort 22' >> /etc/tor/torrc

In the third step, I start ssh and tor service

sudo systemctl start sshd.service tor.service

In the fourth step, I check hostname of hidden service

sudo cat /var/lib/tor/ssh_hidden_service/hostname

In the fifth step, I check if it works ok

torify ssh hidden_hostname